Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Quest for the Cheap 1911

Probably the ugliest single action only .45acp ever produced.
Another beauty shot of the stamped 1911
Move over, Hi-point - there's an even uglier pistol in town. I think referring to this pistol as a 1911 may be a bit of a misnomer. I doubt you could slap that slide onto a mil-spec Colt and expect it to run. And check out that custom trigger. Match grade, no doubt.

The brass framed 1911a1
Another angle of the Brass 1911 

This one is reminiscent of Confederate armories building copies of Colt and Remington revolvers using brass frames to reduce cost. There's precedent for it. Brass is slightly heavier than steel which would have both positive and negative impacts on the pistols utility and performance. 

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  1. Theses guns are really beautiful. But i like the brass framed 1911a1.
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